Saying Goodbye: Lives of Guerrero boys to be celebrated Friday in Quincy

15541571_1820947698173449_3799268181712169518_nQUINCY,WA— Alec (14) and Adam Guerrero (12), youth soccer players at Quincy United who died in a car accident on December 19th, will be celebrated this coming Friday December 30 at 11:00 AM at Quincy Junior High School.

Dave Stone, a family friend who is overseeing a GoFundMe page for the family that has passed $25,000 in donations, has posted this update:

There will be a Celebration of the lives of Alec and Adam Guerrero at 11:00a on Friday, Dec 30 at the Quincy Junior High School. Please join us in honoring Alec and Adam by wearing your favorite team’s clothing (pro, college, HS, or even little league)!

Anne continues to get stronger everyday and is now home from the hospital. Anne, Arturo, and Andy are so grateful for the incredible support shown to them during this difficult time. We have received reports from literally all over the world of people praying for the Guerreros. Thank you.

In a continued showing of community support and love, the Guerreros will also have dinners provided for them well into the new year.

Andy Guerrero with brothers (left to right) Alec and Adam. Mother Anne Guerrero sits between her two boys that will be celebrated on Friday in Quincy.

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  1. I Remember Adam from elementary school, Alec was my older brothers best friend. And I knew Adam since kindergarten through 5th grade. We parted. It was time for middle school. We haven’t talked since.. One day I was on my phone and my mom was in the bathroom and she called my name. I said “Yes?” And my mom asked “What’s that kids name you went to the samon festival with?” I said “Adam Guerro” It turns out she was reading the news on the toilet. A few minutes later she came out she said “Sophia” I said “what is it mom?” She said “Adam and Alec Died.” And I put on a face of shock trying to hold in the tears. And I asked when and how? She told me they both died in a car accident in Quincy yesterday. She showed me the photo. I didn’t talk at all, I was looking at all that terrible damage. My eyes turned red and misty and my mom left my room. My little sister was just terribly shocked and looking at me. I cried for a minute.. And relized I need to be strong for Alec And Adam. My brother woke up. My mom told him.. My brother had an old gift from Alec hanging on our christmas tree. He gave him a King Kong ornament. My brother sat their and cried and cried. My heart was brocken for the Guerro family.. And my christmas was ruined. No more joy. No more smiling. I stayed in my room half the time. My older brother began to have nightmares about Alec. He began sleeping on the couch in the living room. He was broken hearted. I spent half the time crying and comforting my brother. Rest in peace Beautiful Adam and Alec forever remembered.


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