VIDEO BUZZ: West Seattle Soccer Club U6-7 Coed Program


The West Seattle Soccer Club serves over 2,000 players from ages U-6 to U-18. Over 400 of these players are in U-6 and U-7, most playing organized sports for the first time with many coaches also coaching sports for the first time. The Master Coaches program guides first time and returning coaches with professional coach instruction from U.K. International Soccer, a longtime partner of WSSC. Coaches receive age-appropriate drills and individual guidance during weekly training and game sessions to provide a positive experience for both player and coach.



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  1. We are in the midst of a huge sea change in sports. Soccer, other field sports besides football, and volleyball are leading the way. Its about time. England has a good tradition of having the young boys and girls play together while their physical development is equivalent. It is imperative that the tax monies be applied to the sports infrastructure fairly to both sexes. And the best minds need to design the most modern modular and portable stands AND portable playing fields so a soccer pitch can be kept in constant tip top playing condition. I live in San Diego County and it never ceases to amaze me how popular soccer has become in colder weather climates. Keep up the great work and the sky is the limit for this sport AND with equal opportunity for both sexes.

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