From Wenatchee to Dubai for Cesar Ceppi


DUBAI—He came from Brazil to Wenatchee, scoring the first goal in Wenatchee FC history and then later becoming that club’s Head Coach. So where in the world is Cesar Ceppi now? He’s in Dubai, of course — helping establish the new AS Roma Academy there.


“After completing my work in Wenatchee, I was invited to work in Canada for the Pinnacles FC located in Penticton BC,” Cesar tells “After that I moved to Spain to study at UEFA, and there I had the opportunity to do a great job at UNION DESPORTIVA TRES CANTOS in Madrid. When I finished the course, I was given the opportunity to hold a job interview with AS Roma, as they were looking for coaches for their new academy in Dubai. My profile fit the requirements of the project because I am a coach with skills to train high level players and with wide knowledge of the operation of football. The key point for my engagement was the love that I have for my work and the fact of having international experience in countries such as Brazil, United States, Spain and Canada.”

Cesar Ceppi (white shirt) with AS Roma Dubai Academy youth.

So what’s the soccer / football scene like in Dubai? “Football in Dubai still under development and it is too early to evaluate anything,” Ceppi says. “We are working hard to build good players, but we know that time and dedication are needed. Dubai is a cosmopolitan place and has a huge diversity in football, as the city is inhabited by people from all over the world.”

Ceppi is working with youth. “I currently spend my time in the training of younger teams. My work is basically to instruct them in high level soccer initiation and teach the basic steps of soccer.”

One can only imagine the distance and cultural variations between the Apple Valley and winding shores of the Columbia River and the buzzing, sandy metropolis of Dubai. Ceppi is likely blazing a trail that no one else will follow, let alone even imagine.

“Wenatchee FC helped me a lot in my introduction as a soccer coach out of Brazil,” Cesar says. “It was my first coaching international experience and they helped to adapt me as fast as possible. The technical level of EPLWA ​​has helped me to adapt to different styles of soccer, I will be eternally grateful to the EPLWA ​​and I hope and dream of one day being able to work with them again as a club coach or with some other challenge. In the end I want to say thanks to you (David Falk) and all the clubs I’ve been to and to people like Manuel Borba, Dale Anderson, Ezra Cremers, Javier Reyna, Juan Carlos Delgado and Jose Carlos.”

Cesar Ceppi celebrates scoring the first goal in Wenatchee FC history back in 2014.

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