Playing footie in new cleats | The Buccaneer


By Patrick McCready

Peninsula College Coaches contemplate their next move. From Left to Right, Zach Newton, Jake Hughes, Andrew Cooper, Kanyon Anderson.

Turf dirt rises out of the ground and the sound of furious running footsteps follow in the Wally Sigmar Complex at Peninsula College. This time its up to a new head coach, Jake Hughes, to continue what PC has done for many years.

pcc-piratesHailing from London and playing for multiple schools including Peninsula College, Jake Hughes has had the experience and the talent to be coaching in the cleats that former Peninsula College Coach Cale Rodriguez left in June of this year. He was selected by Cale himself to be the assistant coach two years ago when the men’s soccer program won the Northwest Athletic Conference division and conference title and repeated a division title last year. “It was an opportunity that felt natural to me,” Hughes said, “It seemed to me a natural progression going from playing to coaching. I’ve had a long history with Peninsula and it seemed like the right fit.”

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Source: Playing footie in new cleats | The Buccaneer


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