Map at WPSL Meetings reveals Reign reserves, but perhaps not until 2018


color_wpsl_logoThe banner above, hung at the WPSL meetings, shows how the Northwest Division may look in 2017. The photo was tweeted by the league even though not all of the teams listed on the map have been officially announced yet.


The map says Issaquah, Seattle OSA and Sounders Women are returning. Interestingly it also lists “Seattle Reign” as joining with what would be a reserve team.

UPDATE: Now we are hearing that a Reign Reserves might not happen until 2018.


Portland Spartans and Westside Timbers are listed as returning. Eugene (Azul) and Beaverton (Diamonds) are not listed as returning.


Northshore are listed as returning to greater Vancouver. TSS Rovers, who are joining the PDL (Men) this year, are listed as joining.

If Reign reserves are a no-go for 2017, this would mean an 7-club Northwest Division, with 2 clubs out and 1 new club in.


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