EPLWA: Bellingham knocking on the door, Seattle hoping to close it

The weekend results in the Evergreen Premier League both tightened and clarified the title race. You win the EPLWA by finishing top of the table, and right now that is where Seattle Stars sit with just one weekend to go. One point behind are the Hammers of Bellingham United. Both sides have one final match... Continue Reading →


EPLWA Update: Seattle shines, Spokane struggles

Seattle Stars top the current EPLWA table. (Tracie Fowler) There were four matches and a postponement in the first weekend of June in the Evergreen Premier League's 2017 season. Seattle Stars remain in first place and everyone is talking about the dismal start of the Spokane Shadow. (Cover photo: Spokane Shadow goalkeeper Andrew Huffman.) https://www.facebook.com/EvergreenPremierLeague/videos/868989053239923/... Continue Reading →

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