VIDEO BUZZ: West Seattle Soccer Club turns 50

The West Seattle Soccer Club celebrates its 50th year of operations in 2018. Founder Joe Smith narrates the club's origins and tells the stories of the club's many noted players. Jim McAlister, one of the club's original players, recalls the early days of youth soccer and its role in shaping his professional career. Current coaches... Continue Reading →


A look back at 7 previous Sounders league Final appearances (1977-2007)

SEATTLE, WA--- The Seattle Sounders might have never been to an MLS Cup Final before, but clubs using the same name in other previous leagues have been to seven league championship moments. Altogether those Sounders are 4-3 in getting the job done. (Cover photo: Scott Butner, Soccer Bowl '77) NASL Sounders: 1977 and 1982... Continue Reading →

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