PICTURE PERFECT: Seattle Afrikan Premier League debuts

KENT, WA---The Seattle Afrikan Premier League (SAPL) debuted on Saturday January 6 at Wilson Playfield with two matches. The new league (read background article here) is just getting started but there was anticipation in the air before kick off and plenty of action during the matches. The day was really more about the joy of... Continue Reading →


PICTURE PERFECT: Four galleries of Northwest U Eagles action

KIRKLAND, WA--- The Northwest University Eagles continue their kicking in Cascade Collegiate Conference (CCC) play this fall. Both the Women and the Men hosted Oregon schools recently and Rick Edelman was there to catch the action. See his goalWA.net galleries using the Facebook links below! https://www.facebook.com/goalWA/posts/1616735981722175 https://www.facebook.com/goalWA/posts/1616731445055962 https://www.facebook.com/goalWA/posts/1616725715056535

PICTURE PERFECT: Edmonds versus Everett

The Edmonds College Tritons (1-9-1) and Everett College Trojans (6-4-1) tangled in NWAC Men's Soccer on Saturday October 14th. When the final whistle blue it was Everett on top by a score of 5-1 (box score.) Ariaan Cardenas led the Trojans with 2 goals. Wilson Tsoi shot the match for Edmonds CC Athletics and shares some photos... Continue Reading →

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