Isaiah Escobedo’s Street Soccer Dojos are Creating Ninja-Like Ballers in the Pacific Northwest – Urban Pitch

Renowned street baller Isaiah Escobedo has created a street football movement in the U.S. Pacific Northwest with his Street Soccer Dojo programs. What started as a way to increase technicality and creativity on the pitch has gone on to establish a full-on cultural presence, complete with plenty of young ballers. Source: Isaiah Escobedo's Street Soccer... Continue Reading →


Isaiah Escobedo lives life on the soccer fringe out of Vancouver Washington

Isaiah Akka Escobedo¬†(Facebook page) always has a soccer ball at his feet. Or resting on his neck. Or floating magically in the air over his head. Freestyle, Futsal, Street Soccer - these are the games he plays and the dreams he lives. You might not expect to find a guy like Isaiah in Vancouver, Washington... Continue Reading →

Meet Vancouver Washington Freestyler Alan Croft

Alan Croft is like many soccer freestylers. When you watch them perform they almost seem to be in their own world, concentrating in their own "zone." It is a place Croft can take himself with his creative flair and desire to master tricks. It's a rush to think that there are tricks out there that... Continue Reading →


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