Wife’s passing puts Washington All State Soccer Teams lists on hold

In late June high school soccer players, coaches and fans in Washington state look forward to hearing from the Washington State Soccer Coaches Association as they reveal the All State teams in boy’s soccer. This year that list has not been sent. Now we know why.

Royal High School soccer coach Jens Jensen (Royal City, Washington), compiles and sends out the list. He has suffered a great personal tragedy. Jens tells us via email:

“There is no nice way to say this, but my wife passed away a couple weeks ago and while the all state lists are on my to-do list, I have not been able to circle back to it just yet. I will get it done, but it may not be immediate.”

Emily Jensen passed away on June 26 at the age of 38.

The Washington soccer community mourns with the Jensen family and wishes for healing and peace to surround them.

The Royal High School Facebook page posted this story from Jens about Emily.

Jens and wife Emily.

One thought on “Wife’s passing puts Washington All State Soccer Teams lists on hold

  1. High School Soccer Coaches,

    Can we please unite and help fellow coach Jens Jensen in his time of need and rally around him to help him get this done for all the HS soccer players around WA?

    If something hasn’t already been done after finishing the All State list, maybe start a Go-Fund me to help him and his family?

    I’m not a coach but reached out to him personally to offer to help so if anyone knows him better, thanks for your support.


    John S.


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