Northwest Premier Futsal League for Men shoots for Fall 2019 debut


The Northwest Premier Futsal League (NPFL) is launching this fall as a fully sanctioned member of Major League Futsal ( In 2019 this league will compete at a Division 2 level. MLF is the longest standing professional futsal league in the United States and is poised for rapid growth.1024px-Major_League_Futsal_logo.svg

For the 2019 inaugural season, the league is targeting 8 franchises to kick off a two-month season in September and October with growth plans to double to 16 franchises and implement promotion and relegation in 2020 with a season from August-October. The league has already secured uniform sponsorship and referee coordination for the 2019 launch.

56476826_2115890345184987_4345489584713367552_nThe benefits for your club are two-fold. Joining MLF provides your club with another offering after outdoor seasons (EPLWA, WWPL) and before indoor seasons (WISL, MASL) to keep players sharp and maintain momentum with supporters. Second, through sanctioning with FIFUSA there is a pathway for regional, national, and international futsal competition. This fall, a team made up of MLF All-Stars will be competing in the ICAS (International Council of Amateur Sports) Games in Wenzhou, China. Many more opportunities for national and international competition are in the works.


Minimum seating capacity requirement is 200. Locker room access is highly encouraged, but not mandatory. Community colleges, high schools, middle schools, community centers, etc. would be prime targets for facilities in Division 2. League commissioner will provide presentation slide deck geared toward school administrators, etc. for use of facilities. A grassroots development program is in the works where your club would offer a futsal “kit” of portable goals, balls, pennies, and coaching hours to offer futsal to students in exchange for facility use.


$650 plus $25/player for registration, insurance, and player card. Prize money and other incentives for top three finishers in the league. Expansion fee is used to market and promote the league as well as cover admin costs, etc.


100% of gate receipts are to be kept by the club. Suggested ticket price of $10/ea. to the general public. Franchise fee is covered after 65 tickets are sold.


A kickoff tournament and music festival will be held on Saturday August 24th in Langley, WA on beautiful Whidbey Island. This event is not mandatory for all teams, however interested MLF teams will highlight the open tournament with the inaugural official first match(es) of the newly formed league.



The world’s authentic small game comes to North America, with chartered members in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We are the fastest growing professional brand today in the game of futsal, providing unbridled expertise, knowledge and commitment.
Founded in 2015 all MLF programs are sanctioned by the North American Futsal Federation, and the Federación Internacional de Fútbol de Salón (FIFUSA).

Since 2012 the MLF has been promoting professional futsal across the United States, Mexico and Canada, each year trying to improve its position in the futsal community. In 2018 the MLF decided to remove all distractions and promote the sport of futsal from within. Our national and international connections are second to none, we will now use these connections to promote the sport and its players like never before.
If you are an investor looking to invest in the sport of futsal, contact us and get involved.


The North American Futsal Federation serves as the official confederation for North, South, Central America and the Caribbean Islands for all aspects of the game of futsal, recognized and sanctioned by the World Governing Body of futsal FIFUSA.

To give futsal a real chance to progress in this country free from politics. The NAFF is committed to the growth and development in all areas, by providing cutting edge programming that will launch futsal into the future with a solid foundation and credence that futsal deserves. The NAFF is paving the road for real change through statutory reforms and amendments of the NAFF Constitutions and By-Laws.


I hope you decide to join us as we go all-in to grow the game of futsal. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or if you’d like a copy of the expansion deck, constitution and bylaws and game day operations handbook. With overwhelmingly positive interest from many parties already, this league will undoubtedly grow to be a success. I look forward to partnering with you.


Best regards,

Brian Iblings
Director of Operations, MLF Division 2
President, US Fútbol de Salón Federation
(727) 212-1381 Cell
(206) 755-7596 Office

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