Osvaldo Alonso moves on, says this report

Osvaldo Alonso’s time with the Seattle Sounders is over and with it the initial era of an expansion team that turned into one of the strongest in MLS.

By Jason Davis – WASHINGTON DC (Jan 9, 2019) US Soccer Players – Osvaldo Alonso is out-of-contract after 10 years manning the midfield for the Seattle Sounders. The likelihood is very high that the Cuban will move on this winter, departing Seattle and landing in another MLS lineup for the 2019 season. To lean on a well-worn cliche, it’s truly the end of an era.

Read the report: Osvaldo Alonso moves on

The mechanics of the Sounders letting Alonso walk with Minnesota United rumored to sign him are fairly straight-forward. At 33, Alonso is still an effective defensive midfield presence, but his salary requirements don’t make sense for the Sounders. Seattle has younger options capable of stepping in for Alonso and can find players on the international market at lower price points.



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