WWPL gets to 11 clubs for 2019


BeSea FC crest.

The Western Washington Premier League has added an 11th club ahead of the league meeting to be held December 5 in Tacoma. The newest club will represent Bellevue under the name BeSea FC.

Eduardo Millan.

BeSea FC is under the direction of Bellevue College head soccer coach Eduardo Millan. Millan says the club plans to play its home matches at Bellevue Field. “We are excited for this opportunity,” he says, adding that the club will be adding an online presence in the near future.

Eastside Derby

BeSea FC will have an instant derby with last season’s WWPL Champions Kirkland Goats FC. Both clubs have been created out of local college player pools. While the Goats featured a number of guys from Northwest University in Kirkland last season, the new Bellevue side will offer the chance for Bellevue College soccer players to gain experience before another season in the NWAC.

WWPL Meeting December 5

The WWPL will hold a meeting on December 5 in Tacoma where the topics of 2019 schedule and competition format will top the agenda. An 11-club league makes it possible to play everyone once in a 10-match season. We’ll soon see if that is the way the league goes.

Smokey Point to Aberdeen

The WWPL now stretches from Smokey Point (Snohomish County FC Steelheads) to Aberdeen (Grays Harbor Gulls.) Those two clubs are 151 miles apart one way (driving distance.) Meanwhile Bellevue (BeSea FC) and Kirkland (Kirkland Goats FC) are just 7 miles apart by car. That edges out the distance between the two Tacoma clubs. Tacoma Narrows FC are just 10.2 driving miles from Puget Sound FC (Lakewood, WA.)



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