Olympia player back on the field only 3 months after Achilles injury

For anyone who plays or even watches sports, they know that an Achilles tendon injury can be a career altering injury. But for Carlos, a former semi-pro soccer player, he has had to deal with this injury not once, but twice – and is still on the field playing soccer and even he is surprised.

In June of 2016 Carlos suffered an Achilles tendon tear in his right leg while playing soccer. He sought the opinion of a local foot and ankle specialist and underwent a traditional Achilles tendon repair surgery. “After my first surgery, it took me almost a year and three months to be able to comfortably walk and bear weight on my foot,” recalls Carlos. “I was in a cast for 6 months and then a walking boot for another 6 months and during that time I had lost a lot of muscle in my calf. For someone who plays soccer, leg strength is very important and it took me a very long time to regain that strength.”

Despite all of this, Carlos returned to playing soccer until June of 2018 when he suffered another Achilles tear, this time in his left foot. “I was playing soccer in Seattle and I had some slight discomfort in my foot, but nothing major,” says Carlos. “But then I tried to fake my defender with my body and when I planted my foot to change direction I heard the ‘pop’. It sounded and felt exactly like the last injury I had and I knew right away I had torn my other Achilles. I couldn’t believe it.”

Read the rest: Olympia Soccer Player Back on the Field Only 3 Months
After Achilles Injury

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