WWPL sits at 10 clubs, open to adding 11th for 2019 campaign


The Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) has reached 10 member clubs. The elite men’s adult amateur soccer league is planning for its second season of play in 2019. The off season has seen the addition of 4 new clubs and the subtraction of 1.

Most recently, Crossfire Premier was announced. Before that Puget Sound FC, Tacoma Narrows FC and Snohomish County FC came  in.

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The Grays Harbor Gulls will return to the WWPL in 2019. (Ariana Barre photo)

Though nothing official has been posted, it is thought that 2018 member Twin City Union will not field a men’s team in the WWPL in 2019.

The 10-club structure leaves the WWPL with a decision about scheduling. Home and away against all clubs would produce a too-long 18 match season. Home OR away against the other 9 would produce an uneven number of home/away matches. Playing one club twice would also be an imbalance. So the league is open for an 11th side to come along and join in for the next season. If one does emerge then a balanced schedule of one match against all other clubs can  be achieved with a 5 home / 5 away slate.

WWPL Clubs: Federal Way FC, Grays Harbor Gulls, Harbor SC, Issaquah Gunners, Kirkland Goats, Lacey Pocket Gophers, Puget Sound FC, Snohomish County Steelheads, Tacoma Narrows FC, Crossfire Premier.

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