Northwest clubs help fuel soccer sticker craze


GoalWA-LogoIn the national community of USA lower league soccer clubs and fans there is a growing craze around club crest stickers. Clubs want to offer them and fans want to collect them. It’s an economical and fun way for clubs to get their crests of off screens and into real life. It’s a mark of pride for people who #supportlocalsoccer to have a variety of stickers from around the country.

In the Northwest a group of clubs in various leagues have been especially active in providing stickers. PDX FC (NPSL) have various designs out, as do the Oly Town Artesians (EPLWA) of Olympia. Clocking in with their own stickers as well are Grays Harbor Gulls FC (WWPL), Snohomish County FC Steelheads (WWPL), NCW Alliance FC (NWPL) (Wenatchee), Tri-Cities Alliance FC (EPLWA) and Tacoma Narrows FC (WWPL, WISL).



In Washington the Artesians and Steelheads joined with clubs around the country to purchase #supportlocalsoccer stickers in their club colors at a discount printing rate. Both sides are distributing 1,000 such stickers.

Sticker Mule is in on the craze. They are a favorite choice of many of the clubs to produce the stickers due to their low cost, high quality and super fast delivery.

There are a scattering of laptops around the country now with growing collections of lower tier USA club crest stickers. Twitter is the place many of the sticker fans connect.

Who wouldn’t want to get there hands on a Bugeaters sticker? Or the latest from the Crows of Minneapolis City?


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