Tukwila’s Siedenburg brothers team up to lift trophy with WWPL side Kirkland FC


BELLEVUE, WA— The Kirkland FC Goats were Champions of the Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) in its first season this summer. A quick look on the club’s roster reveals the last name Siedenburg appears three times. The brothers on the squad are Todd, Trent and Tyler. Turns out playing with the Goats allowed them to play together on the pitch for the same team for the first time.

imageedit_1_7427792921“Since each of us were little (4 years old) we’ve played,” says Trent. “Growing up in Tukwila, soccer has been woven into every part of our lives. Tukwila is one of the most diverse cities in the state, but the one thing that almost everyone has in common is soccer. All three of us played for our local club team our whole life, and in everything we did, we brought a soccer ball along with us. (We played for Tukwila Skyway Soccer Club, but then all of us played for Pac Northwest our senior years, but when Todd played for them they were Greater Renton Football Club or GRFC.) All three of us were able to continue our playing career after high school (Seattle Christian) at Northwest University in Kirkland, and it has been the best experience for all of us. None of what we have been able to accomplish in soccer would have been possible without our parents, who knew very little about the game but gave everything so that we could be successful in this game. For that, all three of us will be forever grateful.”

Northwest U Bios: Todd / Trent / Tyler

Trent Siedenburg in action for the Goats against the Grays Harbor Gulls this season. (Ariana Barre photo / Grays Harbor Gulls FC.)

Kirkland FC: Facebook / Twitter

Age difference meant the brothers were often off in different soccer directions. As adults they found each other again on the pitch in Kirkland, where Northwest University calls home. They helped found “Kirkland FC,” and then added their three names to the roster of a side that blazed through the WWPL and then raised the trophy at the end of the season.

Brothers Todd, Tyler and Trent Siedenburg pose with the 2018 WWPL trophy after the Kirkland Goats clinched it in July. (Photo courtesy of Trent S.)

rounded-WWPL-LOGO-LARGE“Since Todd is 4 years older than I am, we were never able to play competitively together,” Trent explains. “Tyler and I have been able to play high school and college together now, and it has been awesome. But having all three of us out on the field together for Kirkland FC has been a dream come true.”

It’s also a championship combination. “Winning the WWPL with my brothers was one of the best experiences I’ve had the pleasure to be apart of. Lifting the trophy with Todd and Tyler will be something that I will always cherish,” Trent says.

On Father’s Day the Siedenburg brothers were with father David doing Goats-related stuff. From left to right: Tyler, Todd, David, Trent. (Photo courtesy of Trent S.)

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