Lacey Pocket Gophers kits get a look on national blog


The Lacey Pocket Gophers, who finished just shy of winning the Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) this summer, are getting a look from Protagonist Soccer for their bold kit choices.

In the most recent feature of “Uni-Formity,”  writer Steven Ramirez says: The focal point of the kit, is the aggressive pocket gopher located at the bottom of the kit, as if it’s poking out of a gopher hole.



CX4_kt3Q_400x400Ramirez continues: The Lacey jersey did something few clubs ever try, they had fun. That’s what spoke to me. I saw pictures of fans embracing this jersey and the soccer culture in their city. I saw a club who was committed to the community, appearing in city council and what seemed like every city event. I went searching for a cool jersey and found an even greater club.

This isn’t the final product for Lacey either, Club Operator Troy Kirby promises more next year.

“Next years kit will be more outrageous. It’s like Spinal Tap said ‘take it to eleven!’“

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