Grays Harbor Gulls make history as 2018 #LOGOWARS Champions


The Grays Harbor Gulls are 2018 #LOGOWARS Champions. The Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) club topped Boise Cutthroats 52.64% to  47.36% to win the latest installment of the competition.

Studio Intra Mural graphic showing the Gulls logo in “action.”

In doing so the Gulls make history in a couple of ways. Their crest becomes the first-ever to lose a round but then go on to win the competition. GHGFC finished behind Tacoma Narrows FC in a quarterfinals match up but gathered enough votes to advance anyway. The Gulls are also the first club not in the Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) to win #LOGOWARS. Previous winners are: Bellingham United, Yakima United, and Oly Town Artesians (twice).

The Gulls logo was designed by Studio Intra Mural. The club debuted in 2018 and in the preparations made their new crest public. It was met with overwhelming praise as instantly iconic and capturing the spirit of Aberdeen and the ocean with its classic lines and bright colors.


The Gulls ran a great social media campaign to keep their crest at the top for nearly a month of voting. The club connected with friends on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere to encourage the vote for their logo. Aberdeen and surrounding areas responded each time as Grays Harbor advanced.

In the Final the Gulls faced another side that really networked well to get the vote out —- a side that made their own kind of history. Idaho’s Boise Cutthroats FC became the first non-Washington club to make it to a final. They even ousted favorites Tacoma Narrows in the semis.

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