Tacoma Narrows FC splashes on to soccer scene

TACOMA, WA—Tacoma Narrows FC (Facebook) has revealed their name and crest (designed by Stephen Lloyd) as a new elite adult men’s soccer club rises to the surface in greater Tacoma. The club, which has competed under the name “All-Star Moving” (Puyallup) in the Greater Seattle Soccer League, has designs on going regional.


“TNFC is coming from a large group of players that have played high level and college soccer and have limited choices to continue playing competitive men’s soccer as an adults,” says player and founder Preston McDonald. “Down south there are only rec leagues and coed leagues, so I’m forming this team to give good soccer players a chance to play at the highest level! We believe in the game and playing it at the most honest, true form possible. This plus our hard work will take us to the level we want to be at!”

In April’s Evergreen Cup tournament at Starfire, “All-Star Moving FC” made it all the way to the final, beating Seattle Stars of the EPLWA along the way before falling to new EPLWA side Tri-Cities Alliance FC 4-1 in the Championship Match.


Building the Bridge

Narrows FC has been working on their look and also upping their game on the pitch. “Right now we are recruiting, training, playing as much as possible and working on establishing ourselves as a soccer club in the community. Playing in the GSSL currently and we have a few tourneys this summer. We will continue in the GSSL this fall/winter then go for entrance into the Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) for the 2019 season.” The WWPL is in its first season this summer.

“We plan to be the elite adult men’s soccer club in Tacoma. We all have many ties to the community and plan on utilizing our experience, talent, and relationships to help us do so! Long term we hope to host camps for youth and start youth teams with our club.”


Debut in Everett against Snohomish County Steelheads 

On June 10 Narrows FC will travel up I-5 to Everett to play another emerging adult club, the Steelheads of Snohomish County FC.  It’s being called the 1st Annual I-5 Challenge Match. “We are participating in the match to showcase our talent against a high level men’s team and gain experience in the right type of environment,” McDonald says. “This will be our debut match as Tacoma Narrows FC and we hope to gain some attraction with a cool event like this! We like being involved with like-minded clubs and hope to build a lasting relationship through the friendly!”


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