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Manager: John Barlow Angelo’s 0-40 Spring 2018 Team
Manager: Jerry Kurtti Angelos 0-50 Spring 2018 Team
Team Manager: Jeff Cromp Angelo’s Shamrock Alliance Spring 0-55 2018 Team

A Brief History of Angelo’s Soccer

Angelo’s Soccer Club saw it’s beginning in 1977 when Rich Ricci of Angelo’s Restaurants and Jack Castagna, two soccer playing Catholic boys from the south end, wanted to play more organized soccer than Saturdays in the park.

Rich Ricci, Founder of Angelo’s Originals.

Thus was born the Original Angelo’s Soccer Team. Back then there were many more teams and divisions in GSSL than today. Angelo’s started in 7th Division, won that and moved up to 4th Division. During the late 70’s Angelo’s played in the 3rd & 4th Divisions, winning those division on occasion. In the 80’s, with the addition of some Sounder players as well as a few college players, Angelo’s moved up to the Premier Division. Angelo’s won the Inaugural Seattle Sounder’s Sturtevant’s Sports Holiday Cup in 1981 in the Kingdome. For a brief time, because so many wanted to play with Angelo’s, a 2nd team was added, Team Napoli, which lasted a few seasons.

Over the years it is estimated Angelo’s has had well over 500 lads play for the team. We went from an Open Team, to an Over 30 Team, to Over 40, then Over 50, then merged with the Shamrocks to create an Over 55 team and later this year will enter an Over 60 team to the mix. In over 40 years of competition spanning 5 decades, Angelo’s has had only a few folks ever manage the teams. Rich Ricci, Jason Mosher, Jack Castagna, Alex Popoff (took the team to O40), Jeff Crompe (took the team to O50 & current O55), Jerry Kurtti & Bill Badger (current O50), and John Barlow (current O40). A very tight knit group. When we transitioned a new team to the O50 league, we needed to differentiate the new team, so we named it Angelo’s Originals, as it was made up of many of us originals. The O55 team was an easy one, Angelo’s Shamrock Alliance.

We hold an Annual Christmas Party at Angelo’s of Burien each year that attracts 60-70 players from over the years.

Angelo's Christmas Party
Angelo’s Christmas Party.

The purpose of our existence can be summed up in one word; friendship. Everyone has always enjoyed the interaction and camaraderie that is associated with playing. Guys call and e-mail wanting to join our teams. There’s a very special bond that exists between Angelo players of yesteryear and today. We already have a couple of youngsters in their early 20’s that plan to carry on the tradition for another generation. Going to games year round, in all kinds of weather, win or lose, we head the pub and life moves on. Embellishing the stories of the night is priceless. Very cool

Over the years our main competitors have been the Shamrocks and Gang Green. Always great to see and play those folks.

We play in GSSL because of our familiarization with the officials involved in addition to it being a very well run organization.

Our team philosophy is to have fun, play hard, and play fair.  We enjoy giving it a great effort and at the same time, we understand it’s important to get up in the morning.

Angelo’s Soccer will exist for decades to come. I hope everyone has an opportunity in their life to be associated with such an upstanding, honest, and friendly group of guys and their wives/girlfriends. At the Angelo’s Bellevue location, you can find a number of past team photos and division winning plaques adorning the walls.

Thank you GSSL for the opportunity to play over all these years

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