Free upcoming GO! Webinars: Topics soccer / sports clubs care about

goJoin our GO! On Demand experts for FREE weekly webinars
in February, March, and April 2018 at 11:00 am Pacific time every Wednesday

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February 21: Coaching Conversations – Minimizing Discomfort when Navigating the Inevitable

goWe often dread conversations about choosing a team or discussing playing time. Why are these discussions so daunting and dreadful? They don’t have to be! Join former US Soccer Director of Coaching Bobby Howe and GO! founder Ruth Nicholson to learn how to improve communication, manage expectations, and approach potential difficult conversations in a more constructive (and less painful) way for coaches, players, and parents. This webinar is part of the GO! LEARN HOWE Coaching Survival series.

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February 28: Six Steps to Grow Revenue through Marketing (encore replay)

goIf you’re overwhelmed by the dizzying number of choices in the world of marketing, join the experts from X! PROMOS as they break down the process into 6 steps you can follow to grow revenue.

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March 7: Meeting Conversations – It Isn’t Just Talk

goTalk. Talk. Talk. How are you going to keep your meeting focused and on track? Join GO! founder and internationally-certified professional facilitator Ruth Nicholson to learn three simple discussion techniques that will move the conversation along and lead to action so your next meeting is a short success. This webinar is part of the Board Meeting Productivity series.

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March 14: Transforming Your Athletes and Club Tomorrow with the 3Cs (encore replay)

goDiscover practical ways to give your athletes a great experience by increasing connection, improving communication, and fostering character development on and off the field. Join Changing the Game Project Chief Content Officer and Lead Presenter Reed Maltbie and GO! founder Ruth Nicholson to discover easy ways to implement the 3Cs of transformational coaching to improve all facets of your organization.

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March 21: DoC of All Trades – The Many Roles of a Director of Coaching

goIs your Director of Coaching so overwhelmed with administrivia that s/he doesn’t have the time to work with your coaches and players? Join GO! founder and organizational alchemist Ruth Nicholson to dissect the job and clearly identify what your organization needs from the position and what work can be assigned to other coaching and administrative staff. This webinar is part
of the Paid and Unpaid Staffing series.

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March 28: How to Launch Your First Facebook Ad Campaign

goAre you interested in leveraging the power of Facebook to bring new members into your organization but don’t know where to start? Join the experts at XPROMOS as we show you how to build an effective Facebook ad campaign that you can run for the price of your daily Starbucks.

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April 4: Meeting Madness – Antidotes to 10 Difficult Behaviors

goDo people in your meetings talk too much? Wander off topic? Not talk at all? If you are at a loss about how to constructively engage people and effectively address challenging behaviors, this webinar is for you. Join GO! founder and internationally-certified professional facilitator Ruth Nicholson to discover simple strategies to combat 10 common behaviors that disrupt meetings. This webinar is part of the Board Productivity series.

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April 11: Managing Conflict – Addressing & Elevating Issues from Team to Board

goUh-oh…something went wrong on our team…with our coach…with the last game. What do you do? Too often, we immediately broadcast our complaints to the highest level possible, and the drama and conflict blossom. Is there a better option? Join GO! founder and professional mediator Ruth Nicholson to walk through a method of elevating issues and concerns that promotes problem-solving at the lowest level possible and results in less drama and political posturing. This webinar is part of the Coaching Survival series.

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April 18: Team Meetings – Set the Stage for a Successful Season (encore replay)

goDo you have a team formation meeting at the beginning of your season? You should! Join GO! founder Ruth Nicholson to discover the benefits of a first team meeting, including recommended agenda topics, communication suggestions, and tips to make the meeting and your team’s season successful on and off the field.

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