Olympia youth soccer club settles sex assault claim

A youth soccer club in Olympia settled a $1.5 million lawsuit against a former member who says she was sexually abused by a coach.

Source: Youth soccer club settles sex assault claim

According to Brittany Wentz, the alleged abuse occurred during the five years she was a member of Black Hills Football Club in Thurston County. She was 13 years old when she said her coach, David Cross, tried to “groom” her.

“We all respected Dave and loved being around each other,” Wentz said. “I thought I was getting close to one of my idols at the time.”

By the time she was 17, the relationship became sexual even though Cross was still coaching, according to Wentz.

“In my mind it was an affair and if I told anybody, I would get in trouble and I’d go to jail,” she said.

Cross has never faced criminal charges as a result of the accusations. The abuse allegedly occurred from 2005 to 2010. By the time Wentz came forward in 2015, Thurston County prosecutors say the three-year statute of limitations on criminal charges for this type of crime had passed.

“I wish I had said something then,” Wentz said. “This has brought such a darkness into my life.”


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