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GSSL: How was your team formed and how long have you been with the GSSL?

SAFC: Our team, Seattle Assault FC was formed back in 2008, and our first season with the Greater Seattle Soccer League was the Winter of 2009. We began in D-4 of the open division.

We’re going into our 9th year with the GSSL, and this Winter will be our 32nd season with the club (we used to take the Summer off).

Of the 18-original players, 6 continue to play with the team.

GSSL: Does your team have any main rivals?

SAFC: Early Rival (D4-D2 Open)

FC Spare Tire was a key rival for us in the early seasons. They were a very established club, well-organized, and they had their own website back in 2009!

Mid-Rival (D2-D1 Open)

Quattro Formaggio was our next rival. We got to know the guys well and battled it out quite often through our open days. As we moved up to O-30’s their team morphed through a few teams and now most of their players, who still play, play with Sin Fire in the O-30s.

Current Rivals (D2 O-30s)

As of late it’s been Pars-30 and Steel & Silk FC. It’s always great to see good competition on the schedule and no matter how the season is going for either of us it seems our teams step it up a little extra when we play each other.

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GSSL: Why do you choose to play in the GSSL?

SAFC: We started playing in the GSSL back in 2009 because a few of our players had played in the open division and thought it was one of the better run leagues around. We’ve stayed with GSSL because of the attentive staff, the good schedules, the solid refs, and a good competition level.

GSSL: What are your goals as a team?

SAFC: Our goals haven’t changed. When a few of us were coming back home from college we wanted a good reason to hangout and see our buddies on a regular basis. Our team was formed with good comradery at the core. There have been moments in our history as we moved from D4 open to D1 open, and similarly hovered around D2 O-30s and D1 O-30s, where we had the opportunity to choose extremely talented players with bad attitudes or good players that you’d want to play soccer with and then go have a beer with. Not to say we don’t have talented players but we’ve always opted for someone you wanted to hang with on and off the field as opposed to the ‘win at all costs’ goal.


GSSL: The best thing about playing for your team is?

SAFC: We’ve been fortunate to have a good core of consistent players. We’ve grown as a team and while we’ve had some trying seasons we’ve done more than our fair share of winning as well. But those are things I think about as a manager. The players would probably say the best thing is that each week we get to come out with a good group of guys, who are well-organized, and play against another team, give it our all for 90 minutes, and still want to hang out post-game and talk about both things on the pitch and catch-up with life in general.

GSSL: What is your team’s philosophy?

SAFC: Comradery and fun are our two core tenants…but you also must be competitive (otherwise just start a jogging group). So, while it’s not an official motto many of our player would tell you we often say, “We’re here to have fun, but remember…winning is fun!”

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