BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: Coach Kyle Kelly holds goalkeeper training in Everett area

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: likes to shine a spotlight on soccer-related businesses in the State of Washington with our series “Business Spotlight.” This time we take a look at Coach Kyle Kelly, who is starting a goalkeeper training service in Snohomish County.


business_spotlightSNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA— Kyle Kelly contacted to let us know about his soccer business providing additional training for goalkeepers. He sent us a training format and rates (see end of article) along with links to his social media pages.

We thought it was a good time to take a peak into what goes into such a start-up, so we sent Kelly some questions to find out and to get to know him better.  See our Q & A below!

Coach Kyle Kelly: Facebook /

What is your history is soccer?

12107941_677290649037522_4432557271497948334_nI am a long time player from the Marysville area, playing from the time I was 10 years old until my early 20’s when I had to stop because of arthritis in my hips and lower back. I later found out my condition was due to hard impact sports, which for me, was diving in goal. I was never taught proper formed diving to prevent heavy landings. I played 3 years at MPHS as the goalkeeper and played 1 summer at the age of 16 in Sweden in the Gothenburg Cup and then in England for the Manchester Festival for a Pacific NorthWest Soccer group where I was their starting goalkeeper.

After my playing career, I starting helping out with soccer trainings on weekdays for a friend’s select team. I found a huge passion for this and kept progressing my trainings by researching more drills and techniques along with attending coaching clinics in the area.

I have been doing goalkeeper trainings since 2009 working with all ages and beginner to intermediate skill levels and progressing to the more advanced skill set. Volunteering at clubs in the Marysville and Arlington area along with coaching 4 years at Lakewood High School as their goalkeeper trainer.

What inspired you to start this business?

With a full-time job and one part-time, I always made time for soccer. I have been doing a couple free sessions for local clubs and nearby goalkeepers for the last year. The amount of attendees has been growing, and I felt my attention was being divided where I couldn’t focus on all goalkeepers equally. To resolve this, I have left my second job to open up my availability to increase the amount of trainings I can host weekly. I am going from 1 for 90 minutes on Saturday to now 3. This will allow me to focus on the goalkeepers more and plan trainings to focus on their needed skill sets to improve.

What else do you do?

I am a full-time employee working at a software firm in Bothell, Washington. Working in Support, Implementation, Documentation, and Training.

What’s the best part of working on this?

I’m able to pursue my passion. I have always loved to play the game, but enjoy it more now that I am able to pass on my skills and knowledge to new goalkeepers excited to develop their skills. I’m also learning more on video editing by recording each training as much as possible to provide videos for the goalkeepers to review to see where they can improve on.

What are the challenges of starting a small soccer biz?

Making the jump from volunteer and providing trainings for free for anyone willing and able. I never had access to training as a youth and feel I could have benefited from having training available to me. By charging a small amount per training, I’m now available to host more and more trainings.

Another obstacle is that I am not affiliated with any club, I am my own. I am always willing to work with clubs to offer additional services upon their request. I am not here to override their teachings of the players, but add on to what they are learning. I am always open to have coaches of the goalkeepers that attend my trainings to communicate with me on things they have noticed in the goalkeepers skills and what they can approve upon. Along with if any of my trainings confuse or contradict what they may want players to do in a game, I always tell the goalkeepers to listen to their coach. I am not here to boost an ego, just spread the love of the game.

Coach Kyle Kelly Training Details




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