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business_spotlightBUSINESS SPOTLIGHT: likes to shine a spotlight on soccer-related businesses in the State of Washington with our series “Business Spotlight.” 

GO! On Demand, launched just last summer, has gone multi-sport and international.

Since its unveiling in mid-2017, the youth sports resource and training service has fielded inquiries and worked with clubs, state associations, and leagues in 19 North American states and provinces, as well as clubs in Europe, South America, and Africa. Interest from the US Olympic Committee coaching education program in its training webinars has resulted in the engagement of 25 different sports in addition to soccer.

GO! is designed to address the Seven Deadly Challenges of Youth Sports. The most common contacts are Directors of Coaching or Executive Directors (staff positions) who realize they need additional help and expertise, club and organization Presidents (elected positions) who need help responding to specific issues and needs, and coaches facing challenges with administrators and parents.


Gearing up with GO! Webinars and Resources

GO! offers weekly webinars on Wednesdays in addition to a growing library of over 20 recorded webinar training sessions. Each webinar begins with a clear explanation of what participants will receive from the session.

See example from the 30-minute webinar: Boards of Directors – Roles, Expectations, and Getting Stuff Done. Access the webinar recording at


Staff have also developed customized webinars for the national Rush Soccer Developmental Program. Additional GO! training sessions for 2018 will include managing key coaching conversations (like playing time), marketing and branding, and an expanded series of sessions focused on boards of directors.

The GO! document library of over 60 templates, checklists, job descriptions, and other resources is curated in five topic areas: financial health, team management, coaching survival, staffing (paid and volunteers), and board/committee productivity. Just like the weekly webinars, additional resources are added on a regular basis.

Trends and Results

In addition to her regular OFF THE PITCH columns for goalWA and Northwest Soccer News, GO! founder Ruth Nicholson has been included in the Goal Nation series on the Landscape of Youth Soccer. Other contributors to the series include Sam Snow, Eddie Loewen, Michel Ribeiro, Duncan Riddle, Yan Skwara, and Platini Soaf. Goal Nation plans follow up articles on the most common mistakes made by youth clubs, as well as the top recommendations to improve clubs for 2018.

Communication and conflict resolution remain popular topics. Unfortunately, there is still a substantial need for mediation between coaches and coaching directors, club presidents/boards and staff, clubs and leagues, clubs and state associations, clubs/coaches and parents.

In addition, GO! staff have seen an increasing interest in boards of directors, improving bylaws, and strategic planning. There is also a trend towards helping boards better understand their roles and responsibilities, including the critical importance of incorporating the expertise their Directors of Coaching and coaching staff into organizational business and administrative decisions.

GO! subscribers can increase helpful parent participation for individual teams, save volunteer hours spent in meetings, increase club revenue and sponsorships, and provide resources and training for all club members for less than $100 a month. Travel and tuition for an out-of-state training course for a single person can easily exceed an annual GO! subscription.


New in 2018

In addition to expanding webinar offerings and adding new document resources, 2018 promises exciting new opportunities for GO! and its staff.

GO! founder Ruth Nicholson is designing the annual Winter Symposium for the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association in late January. This invitation is a direct result of many Minnesota soccer coaches and administrators who have attended many of Ruth’s 11 workshops over the past three years for United Soccer Coaches (formerly NSCAA) and US Youth Soccer Workshops and Leadership Development Symposia. She will also be doing some specialized work with board members, staff, and key committees.

The most exciting new initiative at GO! is the Model Club Program. In response to requests from youth clubs in three states, GO! is developing a club competency program based on 22 core organizational competencies in three key areas –

  • Six competencies in coaching and coaching support,
  • Seven competencies in governance and leadership, and
  • Nine competencies in operations and administration.

As a part of this new initiative, GO! is currently in conversation with one of the oldest professional soccer clubs in the country that wants to develop and improve its companion youth program. Watch for that announcement soon!

In addition, GO! is in discussion with a state associations and leagues affiliated with both US Youth Soccer and US Club Soccer to provide more customized support to their member clubs.

Get a taste of the variety and quality of the offerings of GO! through the OFF THE PITCH column at goalWA and Northwest Soccer News. Stay in touch with GO! by –

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GO! Founder Ruth Nicholson

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