Coming out (again) in Bellingham: Whatcom goalkeeper Teran Lind features an article by Whatcom Community College goalkeeper Teran Lind posted January 7, 2018 in which he talks about being a gay soccer player and readjusting to life far away from his support system.

Teran Lind. ( photo)

Lind writes: I’m currently a redshirting freshman goalkeeper at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington. It’s where I’ve had my most difficult coming out.

I felt pretty intimidated here from the start. We have a nationally ranked soccer team and my teammates have been playing the sport their whole lives at elite levels. I’d only been playing soccer for three years and felt completely lost when I moved here. I really didn’t feel like I belonged, and not just because I was gay.

And then later: I texted my coach and told him to check out my Instagram. I was most nervous about how he’d react, but he wrote the nicest comment that had me literally smiling. I also sent a text in my team’s group chat wishing them a happy National Coming Out Day and a few responded with reassuring messages.

It was a turning point. When I came back from Greece, I wasn’t feeling awkward or an outcast. My coach came up to me and simply asked if everything was OK. I smiled, we shook hands, and life out here has been looking up ever since.

I’ve started hanging out with my teammates and practices are more fun. I also made some friends in town and expanded my social circle. I finally feel like I fit in out here.

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Really missing this⚽️🙌🏽 #keeper

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