Twitter Poll: Soccer ‘not a thing’ in Forks, WA


FORKS, WA— Twitter recently posted a poll asking readers if there was a place in soccer-crazy Washington where the sport was ‘not a thing’ yet. The poll gave four choices to vote for. The overwhelming winner was Forks, Washington.


We don’t want the good city of Forks to take this personally, so we set out to see if the result was justified. We know Forks is an internationally-known destination for Twilight book / movie series fans. Since soccer is the world’s game, might Forks have some of that influence as well?

This was promising news. Out of the rainforest and onto a new pitch for the Forks Spartans. That stand looks like it belongs in lower level English football, right?

Forks High School’s stadium got new turf in 2016.

The Spartans appear to have some trouble fielding soccer squads on a regular basis. This page on the school website lists the last boys team as having played in 2015. For the girls it was 2014. However, on Maxpreps we find Forks girls soccer scores from this season. Could the boys also be back? This page gives hope as it schedules Forks against Hoquiam in April 2018.

Let’s not forget that the Forks Elks Lodge participates in an annual shootout tournament.

What do you know about soccer in Forks, Washington? Drop us an email at and tell us! We won’t rest until soccer IS a thing in Forks!


About soccer in Forks, WA… Tammy French writes us to say:

“Forks High School has both boys and girls soccer teams. I have been a teacher there for 3 years and there always was a team. If ever there wasn’t a team, it was because of a lack of a coach, not because of the kids.”

“In fact, Forks has a very large Hispanic population. A lot of Hispanic students are obsessed with playing soccer. Soccer is a thing in Forks. Are there crazy Sounders fans in Forks? Not really.” — T. French



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