Schmetzer’s Sporthaus closes for good after a 43-year run in soccer retail

It’s the end of an era in Northwest soccer as Schmetzer’s Sporthaus has closed its doors. The store was the go-to place for more than one generation of soccer players, parents and fans. The days before the retail shift to the internet were made up of special trips to get cleats, uniforms, and Sounders gear. Not just MLS Sounders gear, but going all the way back to the days of the NASL and the USL.

Social media is reacting to the closure. See a few posts below.

The post on their Facebook page on November 1 made the news official:

Today, another post:

It was a great run.


The year was 1975, my Dad had been coaching my older brother Brian for 6 years already and then started coaching me and my twin brother Andy and frankly he just got tired of having to bring stuff over from Germany in order to meet the demand of all these new neighborhood kids who fell in with the game of soccer.  So as any hard working immigrant with an entrepreneurial spirit he decided to take a chance and open Sporthaus Schmetzer.  From the very beginning our family was ingrained into the fabric of local soccer in Seattle from growing the soccer store to running soccer camps to helping local clubs with coaches clinics so that new parents who wanted to coach could understand this new game just a little bit better. Fast forward to 1996 and after a shorter than hoped pro soccer career I came back to the family business and bought the business from my parents so that they could move on to the next chapter of their lives, I had already been working at the store for 3 years so the transition was a smooth one because the one thing my parents, especially my Mom instilled in me was to always remember the community you are serving.  This has always stayed with me and though times have changed, more competition, the internet, the rise of on-line sales with the so called decline of the brick and mortar store, the one thing that will never change is our love for the soccer communities that we call family and friends.  Our goal is to stay a part of these great communities and hopefully add value, education and fun to this beautiful game.
Thanks for supporting us for all this time we hope we have earned your trust, your business and most of all friendship

Yours in Soccer

Walt Schmetzer Jr


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