Lopez High School co-ed soccer team continues to compete in Northwest B League

LOPEZ ISLAND, WA—The Lopez High School Lobos have a tradition of fielding a co-ed soccer team to compete in the Northwest 1B/2B league each fall. While most of the schools in the league are playing both boys and girls soccer in the fall, you’ll find the Lobos listed only in the boys division, despite being co-ed.

School Principal and Athletic Director Dave Sather says soccer has pretty much been co-ed at the school over the years. Combining the players allows the Lobos to field a team.

“We are a small school and have a limited number of players and at times if not for the co-ed team would not be able to field a men’s team. We don’t have enough players to field a women’s soccer team so our few girls have an opportunity to participate by playing on the men’s team,” coach Larry Berg.

We have done this for the past fifteen years since I have been here.

Here’s a recent story on the Lopez team.

Lobos soccer’s goal to win big

It’s a new year with a new coach for the Lopez Lobos soccer team, and they’re ready for whatever the season throws at them.

“We have a dynamic and passionate line up of amazing athletes,” said Coach Justin Honeywell. “Many of these students played through middle school and have come into this year full of vigor and skill.”

Honeywell says he has dynamic forwards, skillful midfielders and a powerful defence that just may take this team to state.

“My main philosophy is to ensure the kids are growing in their skills and having fun doing it,” said Honeywell. “In addition to that, I demand respect from the kids for their parents, teachers and fellow teammates on and off the field.”

Read the entire article here.



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