VIDEO BUZZ: What the heck is Futchi?

We shared a video recently on that got a lot of views and shares. It was an introduction to “Futchi.” Looks like the State of Washington is in love.

First one to 11 wins. Are you Futchi enough?

business_spotlightOn their website Futchi says: The origins of the name “Futchi” (foot force) began a few years ago, after a trip to Rio. Here our team became fascinated with Brazilian soccer culture. And in particular, the acrobatics and stamina of those who play a small sided soccer game called Futchi volley. Like soccer volleyball, Futchi volley challenges players to keep the ball off the ground and strike it over the net in the most challenging way possible for the other team. Games are intense. And they tend to last well past dark. Not surprisingly, they attract quite a lot of attention. But, Futchi volley isn’t just about those who play. Uniquely enough, it creates an atmosphere for much more.

See more articles in’s “Business Spotlight.”



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