LogoWARS 2017: Oly Town Artesians repeat as club crest winners


The highest-seeded fully amateur club in LogoWARS 2017 delivered on their ranking as the Oly Town Football Club Artesians took a top honors for a second time in the voting held over the past few weeks on goalWA.net.

The Artesians pulled away from the new crest of Seattle Stars FC and ended up with a final percentage advantage of 56.23% to 43.73%. Over 4,000 votes were cast during the duration of the competition.


The Artesians are the first crest to ever repeat as winners. Oly Town FC also won the previous club crest vote on goalWA.net held back in 2015.

The Oly Town Artesians began life in the Western Indoor Soccer League in 2014 and also joined the Evergreen Premier League in 2017. Club co-founder Brandon Sparks designed the crest. It has been used in numerous ways in promotion and support of the Olympia side.



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