Maher’s summer with Seattle Stars spurs dreams of more soccer

SeattleStarsFCLogo (1)Cara Maher played for Seattle Stars FC in the Northwest Premier League this summer. It was more than a small step from her home in Flatwoods Kentucky and her college team at Morehead State.

The University recently featured Maher in a story that reflects on why leagues like the NWPL are important.

The Stars played in the 2017 NWPL Final losing 2-1 to the Washington Timbers. They played 12 matches altogether, giving their players a ‘second season’ of playing time and experience.

“It was an awesome, crazy experience,” Maher said (of her time with the Stars.) “I hadn’t been past Illinois, so we drove out there and it was just amazing.”

Cara Maher with Seattle Stars FC. (Alan Moditz photos)

NWPL Primary Crest“I had never really thought about it, but I kind of have decided recently that I want to go on and see if I can play after college,” she said. “Just because I don’t know why (I would) rush into the rest of my life when – there’s only a certain time span when your body is just functioning the way you need it to and you can still do these things that are your passions. You can turn your passions into a realistic dream, I guess. So I really want to see if I can keep playing after college, because that would just be surreal.”

cara_maher_3Cara’s college coach Warren Lipka notices the change in Cara’s play.

“Her confidence level coming back was much higher,” Lipka said.

“I think it got her out of her comfort zone to play out there and play against other players (from) different regions and different mentalities.

It’s kind of opened her eyes up to knowing she can play at that level and play with these players.”

Read the entire Cara Maher feature story here.



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