goalWA.net helps spawn Snohomish County Steelheads

snohomish-county-fc-steelheads-primary-800goalWA.net and founder David Falk believe that when you see a need in local soccer and have the ability to help – you should go for it. So the website donated time and coverage this year to the birth of Snohomish County Football Club.

The “Steelheads” were born out of a desire to see elite adult soccer gain a foothold in one of Washington’s most-populated counties. The Steelheads played friendly matches this summer before taking a pause since August.

Steelheads Head Coach Dagi Kesim talks to his players during a trip to Bellingham this summer.

Kick It

There are almost 800,000 people living in “SnoCo,” and there are plenty of talented adult soccer players. But there is no 4-year college and thus no 4-year soccer program. There are clubs in the NWAC fielded by Everett and Edmonds Community Colleges. There is also the Olympic Soccer League. Many adult players go out of county to compete during the summer. Many of them also return for the annual Kla Ha Ya Days Tournament. The Snohomish Skyhawks compete in the WISL each winter. The Skyhawks have been around since 2006 and will be playing in their 12th straight season this winter.

2017 Steelheads Open Tryouts.

For SnoCo

Snohomish County residents came together to launch the Steelheads this year. Others believe in the project too. The Steelheads crest was donated by an Oregon graphics designer.

Social media connected the Fish with other clubs sprouting up around the USA.

The black shirts the club wore this summer were from a local business donation.

There is an online shop selling logo merchandise.

You can put SnoCo FC on your surfaces.

snoco-soccer (1)


goalWA.net has enjoyed reporting on the birth of clubs around our state over the years. We take our involvement with SnoCo FC seriously. We believe in the project. We know that talented players abound in the county. Just take a look at the high school playoffs each year. You are bound to find a SnoCo school near the top each season.

The Steelheads held successful open tryouts and played hard and well in their matches this summer. The goal remains to play statewide in the Evergreen Premier League as soon as possible. That might not be in 2018 though. SnoCo FC needs more help from the community to make that dream become a reality. The Steelheads are looking for owners to subsidize their efforts and run the ‘business’ side of the club.

STEELHEADS: Website / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

SnoCoFC.com is run by a time and coverage donation from goalWA.net

Own the Dream

The locals behind Snohomish County Football Club are looking for owners to join them in building the dream of Steelheads soccer in statewide play. This is no longer a ‘start from scratch’ proposition. Much has been learned and a core is established. The Black and Orange are up for involvement from an individual, a group, or local supporters.

It’s actually rather reassuring to know that in 2017 it still takes local, ‘boots on the ground (or pitch)’ efforts to make something like the Steelheads exist. If this newbie side is going to make it upstream to higher waters – it will do so not because of a website, social media, or involvement from goalWA.net. It will do so because soccer people in Snohomish County take up the cause.

The Steelheads are happening. It’s just a matter of how long it takes to swim upstream.

To follow the growth of elite adult soccer in Washington, be sure to check in with our column “Think Tank FC.”

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