Video Buzz: Tri-Cities Alliance FC ‘endorsed’ for EPLWA by Sounders

20747543_10105165086367459_1550222916_oTUKWILA, WA— Tri-Cities Alliance Football Club (Pasco, Richland, Kennewick WA) are making a push to be accepted into the Evergreen Premier League for the 2018 season. So when some of the club’s social media volunteers found themselves in Seattle, they decided to take in a Sounders practice and ask a certain head coach and a few famous players if they would mention TCAFC. Being nice guys, they obliged. What resulted are two short clips shot by Alexis Olsen that are going viral and giving the Alliance some more buzz.

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The videos had been viewed 2,000 times when this article was posted.

Club co-founder Zachary Sansom is delighted with the video. “For Mr. Schmetzer and the Sounders players to take the time to give that kind of encouragement to our grass roots effort out here in Tri-Cities means a lot to us,” he says. “To the front office, it rejuvenates us to keep pushing our limits further and further. For the coaches and players, it proves that the hard work and dedication they have put in isn’t going unnoticed and the pay-off is real. And for our fans, it helps them realize their TCAFC team is here for the long haul and that they have a homegrown team they can be proud to embrace.”

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