#FastForward more than just a hashtag for Northwest Premier League

It really catches your eye to look at this weekend’s slate of Northwest Premier League (NWPL) matches. Six matches in six different cities around the state of Washington.  It’s the busiest weekend yet for the 2-year-old women’s elite adult soccer league.


Scrimmage win over Reign FC Academy

The NWPL gained momentum for the big weekend ahead with another head-turner: a 2-0 result Thursday night for league-leaders Seattle Stars FC in a scrimmage with Seattle Reign FC Academy, a club stocked with players from top youth clubs training to become professionals.

Lexi Krieger and Claire Nelson scored first half goals in drenching rain and the Stars held off the Reign Academy in the second half to show how far they have come and also how quickly the NWPL has arrived.

Seattle Stars starting 11 for their scrimmage with Seattle Reign Academy.


In the off season NWPL clubs saw an infusion of new head coaches. Now the league that was dominated by the Spokane Shadow in 2016 has increased parity and a rise in level of play and stature of players.

Watch that slogan

NWPL Primary CrestThe NWPL debuted last year with the hashtag / slogan #FastForward. It was meant to convey the league’s mission to get women’s soccer on course to ‘catch up’ at the adult level with the men’s game. Some of the same people who founded the Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) for men also helped debut the NWPL.

In the third weekend of June 2017, in just the league’s second campaign, we are seeing signs that the hashtag is becoming a reality.


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