Kirkland’s Tyler Bjork reaches 40-goal milestone in Evergreen Premier League


The leading scorer in the history of the Evergreen Premier League reached a milestone on Saturday night at French Field in Kent as the Seattle Stars demolished the Spokane Shadow 5-1. In that match Kirkland native (Juanita High School / Western Washington University) Tyler Bjork scored twice. They were goals 39 and 40 of his EPLWA career.

There is now a certain symmetry to Tyler’s goal total. He played for Bellingham United in the EPLWA in 2014 and 2015, scoring 20 total goals (13 / 7) and now he’s with Seattle Stars in 2016 and 2017, also with 20 goals (14 / 6) with 8 matches still to play in his club’s season.

(Cover photo: Tyler Bjork  on the prowl with Bellingham United in 2014. David Willoughby)


Bjork once scored six goals in a single half, back on June 9, 2014. Tyler made the move to Seattle in 2016 and promptly broke his previous league record of 13 goals by scoring 14 for the Stars. That gave him 34 league goals heading into the 2017 season.

In an off-season interview Bjork said he was happy with his scoring prowess, but really wanted to see his team become winners.

Tyler  is averaging a goal per match this year — on a pace to tie his record of 14 set last season— and the Seattle Stars sit in first place.

The Evergreen Premier League’s slogan and hashtag is #HomeTownSoccer.  There is no better example of the local talent we’ve got  in our state than Tyler Bjork, who keeps playing the game at a high level even as he manages his life outside of soccer. Bjork will be 27 this year.

Tyler Bjork hustles with Seattle Stars in 2016.
Bjork celebrates a Bellingham United goal with a fan. (David Willoughby)
Bjork on the attack in 2017 at Yakima. (Tracie Fowler)
Bjork with the Hammers in 2014. (David Willoughby)

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