PICTURE PERFECT: Reign put up five against Dash (plus quotes)

Seattle Reign FC scored five goals on Saturday night in a comprehensive 5-1 rout of the Houston Dash (video highlights and match recap here.)

Tom Jones shot the match for goalWA.net and shares the photos below. See Tom’s entire gallery here.

Beneath the photos are quotes from the Reign about their big night.


Seattle Reign FC Head Coach and General Manager Laura Harvey

(On her thoughts on the game) “I thought that the girls have worked really hard after last Saturday [against Sky Blue FC] on the things that they wanted to be better at. We had a real specific game plan for Houston and they executed it really well. We obviously scored goals at crucial times and that’s what we can do. We’re always going to be a threat no matter who comes in. It was just nice to know, from the players perspective than anything, that we’ve got a very good group of players here. We might not have the names that we had before but we’ve got some excellent players and I think they proved it tonight.”

Seattle Reign FC FWD Megan Rapinoe

(On her goal celebration) “It was a little bit of an inside joke when we were in the locker room. It was for Nairn, good to have that one back. Obviously we’ve missed her the last few years. But I can’t really give details to the inside joke, just a funny thing happened.”

(Overall thoughts on the match) “Much better [than last week]. Obviously the score line, that’s brilliant, we always want that. Except for the goal we let in, we’re pissed about that, I think it’s a lot closer to what we’re trying to do and what we want to do. There were some good goals today, we were kind of getting in the flow. Geting Rumi [Utsugi] involved, getting Jess [Fishlock] involved higher up the field, and executing some of the things that we wanted. I think for everyone seeing a lot of balls go in the back of the net, definitely for our forwards, kind of seeing that that net shake was good for them. A lot closer to what we want to see. Last game [against Sky Blue FC] we struggled and having a lot of new faces is taking a minute for us to kind of settle in to what kind of team we’re going to be this year. This one felt good tonight.”

Seattle Reign FC MID Kristen McNabb

(On her second start) “Yeah it was super exciting. I didn’t expect that at all. I was happy to get to start again and I think the goal is a bonus. I wish we got the shut out but they [Houston] got that one at the end. Overall I was pretty happy.”

(On playing with veterans around her) “It for sure makes my job so much easier, especially being on the right side. I’m a lefty so I’m a little bit more comfortable. Just being surrounded by such world-class players it just gives me confidence to give it to them and let them do their thing.”

(On advice from her teammates) “Hearing all the nice things it was you know so nice. I’m so thankful, but I just thought second game I just need to play my game and not worry about everything going on. I started out a little shaky but I just calmed my nerves. It’s still pretty nerve-wracking, but they give me confidence day in and day out.”


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