Ruffneck Scarves delivers vibrant designs to EPLWA, NWPL for 2017

by David Falk

Ruffneck Scarves has delivered some eye-catching work for the Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA) and the Northwest Premier League (NWPL) for their 2017 seasons.

The two adult elite statewide amateur soccer leagues have an annual tradition of producing a league scarf for each season. This year the NWPL is also awarding a scarf to its player(s) of the week.


I worked with Ruffneck Scarves on the design process for all 3 scarves as the Media Director for both leagues. Via email we exchanged ideas and graphics. The Ruffneck designers listened to my ideas and quickly responded with quality options.

The Evergreen Premier League scarf is a fused landscape of Evergreen trees and Cascade peaks. This year the club crests were enhanced by the addition of stars for the winners of the EPLWA 2014-2016.

The Northwest Premier League scarves presented their own challenges. These are still in production as the designs were finalized just a few days ago.

Northwest Premier League - B Designs - Revision 01

The NWPL season scarf wanted to take advantage of the high-definition graphics available with the “summer scarf,” a smooth material rather than the ‘knitted’ feel of original Ruffneck Scarves. So we switched in a grass and soccer net background to boost the look. The NWPL Player of the Week scarf design happened out of a desire to build on the league colors of green and gray. The background image is a unique hexagon pattern that melds from black to a molten lime green.

SCARF Template - February 2017 - NoCurves


(EPLWA scarf photos by Peter Ostrovsky for


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