VIDEO BUZZ: Olympic Force Men and Women open tryouts

PORT ORCHARD, WA—The Olympic Force Men and Women held open tryouts on Saturday March 25 at South Kitsap High School’s Kitsap Bank Stadium in Port Orchard. The Force are entering their third season in the Evergreen Premier League (Men) and second in the Northwest Premier League (Women).

The Force have a working roster of players already lined up for their squads but the open tryouts gave new faces a chance to shine. The afternoon session for the women was bathed in bright sunshine that seemed to officially announce the return  of adult soccer statewide play in Washington.

Alhassan Awudu is in a chipper mood as Olympic Force Men hold their 2017 Evergreen Premier League Open Tryouts. (David Falk)

The Men fought wind gusts (gallery) and cooler temperatures for the evening try outs, but there were good vibes, handshakes and plenty of smiles as the Force welcomed both newcomers and faces from previous outdoor seasons. There was also a strong presence of indoor players from Olympic’s recent Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) season where the club made it to a second straight Finals.

Steve Cashmore returns as the Force EPLWA Head Coach. Jason Jarrett returns for the Force women in the NWPL.

Sun greeted Force NWPL open tryouts. Olympic GM Micah McMonagle addresses the group. (David Falk)




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