Twin City Union search for custom kits leads to Sterling Athletics in Puyallup

tcu_update_crestCENTRALIA, WA— Twin City Union were looking to add a custom look to their 2017 Northwest Premier League kits. Club Chairman Henry Gallanger had ideas about where he wanted the club to take its new look and ended up finding a solution pretty close to home.

“Over the winter we had been scouring the internet for companies with custom uniform options, due to our unique colors (blue and orange.) While stock items are the most logical way to go with most big name companies, we could never really land on a look that really defined us without having to break the bank to do so with the big brands,” Gallanger says. “One day, out of the blue, we receive an email from Sterling Athletics regarding their custom soccer balls. In the email they also mention fully sublimated uniforms at a low price. So naturally we took a look at their website and were pleased with what we saw. From there we worked very closely with Terik Gofinch, who helped us arrive at our final designs.”

Sterling Athletic supplied these design options to Twin City Union.

NWPL Primary CrestThe Centralia / Chehalis club was happy to keep their business in-state. “Sterling Athletic also turned out to be Washington local! They are based in Puyallup. This was also very important to us,” adds Gallanger.

Then the Union dug in to make their vision become reality. “The design process took several months. We started in December and started to get pretty serious after winter break,” remembers Gallanger. “We discussed how long they would take to make and what our deadline date was going to be (turn-around from order date to delivery can be 7-9 weeks in Washington) and went from there. Over the course of the design process Terik would ask if we wanted something and our response at times was “you can do that?!” This led to one of the features we thought was pretty cool—The ability to place the NWPL logo in the numbers. For footie fans many know that is really common in leagues around the world. We felt it was a great way to give a nod to the league we play in.”

The Union picked this as their home kit.


The Union picked this as their away kit.

Terik Gofinch of Sterling Athletics answered our email about their business. “We offer these fully sublimated kits at a fraction of the cost of the big guys (Nike, Adidas, etc.), Terik says. “Most coaches can only get a stock design from these big names for the price they can get a fully sublimated/ fully custom design from us. I think our complimentary artwork, unlimited design possibilities, adequate turnaround times, and unbeatable price make us perfect for any coach looking for a new set of uniforms!”

logo2He says about with working with the Union: “With Henry and Twin City, we went back and forth for several months creating about 10 different options for them. We finally landed on the 2 sets he wanted to use and then designed 3 keeper shirts for him as well. I first presented Henry with a couple of options my artist and I came up with, then Henry came back wanting a couple different looks. After putting those together, we made some tweaks to these for the 10 different options you see. We are very willing to look at all the options with our customers, wanting them to be happy with what they are getting. We know even at the low price $55 per kit, that’s still a large amount of money on a program!”

Gallanger was glad to find Sterling Athletics. “We feel that Sterling has really bent over backwards in working with us. As we ran into concerns or roadblocks they went out of their way to address them. Terik has been great to work with and very accommodating in almost every way.”



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