Snohomish County Steelheads banking on good first impressions

snohomish-county-fc-steelheads-primary-800SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA— The Steelheads of Snohomish County Football Club are not afraid to put themselves out there. No guts, no glory. Or in this case, you can’t swim if you don’t jump in the water. It’s all in the name of applying to join the Evergreen Premier League for the 2018 season.

In the last two weeks the Steelheads have debuted a name, crest and team colors. They have partnered with and They have established an online store. They have populated all the traditional social media spots: Twitter / Instagram / Facebook. Now it’s time to cast their lures out to the community to find sponsors to fund the dream.


Steelheads President Aaron Burns, featured in an interview on the club’s website, says: “I think the biggest challenges with starting a club or anything for that matter is the financial backing. Everything else seems to fall in place but you really need to know how to get out there and connect with the people. Not to say it can’t be done, but it’s something you really have to put a lot of effort into.”

Burns and Steelheads General Manager Andrew Escalante have full-time paying jobs and lives outside of soccer, but over the next few months they will also be focusing on the day-to-day operations involved in starting and running an elite adult men’s soccer club.


Early signs are positive. Escalante has a lead on a sponsor for uniforms. He’s also connected with a high school whose home stadium could be used by the Steelheads. Meanwhile Burns is working his social circles. He’s been getting good feedback about how the Steelheads have launched, so far.

No one doubts that Snohomish County needs a club in the Evergreen Premier League. The area has over 750,000 people. There is no 4-year college in the county, let alone a soccer program to go along with it. Local players are used to getting in their cars and traveling to find teams.

Now the Steelheads are on the scene, ready to jump upstream in an effort to start something new. Something cool. Maybe even something big.


“The next step for me is to start building my player pool and working with local leagues to get our team competing,” Burns says on the club website, “and then concentrate on building that cohesiveness that every successful team has. I truly believe we have everything it takes to build a great club right here in the Snohomish County.”

The Steelheads are banking on a good first impression to get the money and community support they’ll need to navigate the waters of the Evergreen Premier League beginning in 2018.


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