Washington High School Soccer participation numbers: Schools up, players down

GoalWA-Logo-200-clearThe number of high schools participating in varsity soccer in the state of Washington was up in 2015-16 while the total number of student athletes playing the sport fell, according to reports posted by the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Washington state ranks 13th in total population in the United States but came in as 18th in total number of total (all sports) high school student athletes in 2015-16 with 152,00. That number is down some 8,000 from 2014-15.

The number of high schools in Washington offering soccer programs for boys and girls bumped up in 2015-16 to 290 for both boys and girls. The previous year the total had been 273 for girls and 278 for boys.

Even with more schools offering soccer the total number of high school players in the state dropped to 18,285 for 2015-16. The previous report for 2014-15 had the state with 19,586.

The drop-off in numbers was split fairly evenly between boys and girls.

In 2015-16 the survey lists 8,515 girls as participating in high school soccer in Washington, down from 9,232 the previous year.

Boys soccer participation for 2015-16 was announced at 9,770 athletes, down from 10,354 in 2014-15.


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