Bellingham United history now features two six-goal player performances

BELLINGHAM, WA—Bellingham United Football Club now has matching sixes for their outdoor and indoor record books. Two players for the Hammers have produced performances that delivered six goals in a single match. The most recent came indoors in early January from Richard Henderson. He might still have a bit to go to match the first BUFC six-pack, scored outdoors by Tyler Bjork.

Tyler Bjork scored six goals – all in the first half! – back in 2014 in an EPLWA (outdoor) match for Bellingham United FC. (BUFC photo / David Willoughby)

In the recap article for the amazing feat, Hammers Head Coach Lance Calloway said:

“Well what can I say about today other than ‘WOW!’ Tyler Bjork had a match that I don’t think I have ever witnessed at a level beyond recreational kids soccer. The goals that he scored came from hard work, persistence and being very opportunistic and patient. However the most amazing goal I have ever seen was him hitting a bicycle (kick) from 10 yards out as he adjusted a nearly 30 yard ball that was driven right to left across the pitch by Chris Jepson. Tyler adjusting as it was in flight and getting up on a bicycle kick and hitting it low and hard past the keeper….simply the most amazing goal I have ever seen.” — Lance Calloway

The “Sportsplex Leap?” Richard Henderson celebrates his six-goal WISL performance with Hammers Supporters. (BUFC photo / Jon Bergman)

Let the debate begin: which is harder, scoring indoors or outdoors?

The numbers clearly say the much larger outdoor pitch makes true ‘football’ a harder sport to score in.

Richard Henderson’s six goal outburst on January 7, 2017 in a WISL match deserves a place in Hammers history too, though.

Last indoor season featured the Scottish player in this article. At the time it was published Henderson wasn’t sure of he would be playing with the Hammers when the outdoor / EPLWA season rolled around. As it turns out he did, scoring 5 goals on the campaign and helping Bellingham to their highest-ever outdoor finish in that league (2nd in the table.)

“I approach the game with a purpose to enjoy myself. Some times it may not look like that as I get competitive but I used to play for a living and that was tough. Now however, yes I want to win but I want to enjoy it. Help other players whether that be with knowledge of the game or with assisting them with plays. I am just thoroughly enjoying practicing regularly and playing with a good team at a good standard.” —Richard Henderson

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