PDL, NPSL, EPLWA Rumors continue to swirl around Cascadia

PDL Primary ShieldHappy 2017, soccer fans! Be sure to hit ‘refresh’ on the league websites for the NPSL and the PDL before the next season starts. Changes have come with more perhaps on the way.

Previously goalWA.net broke the scoop that the Kitsap Pumas would leave the PDL for the NPSL.

Then we got word that Washington Crossfire (Redmond, WA) of the PDL had been sold to a Vancouver BC group.

Now we see via Twitter that the Portland Timbers U-23’s are reportedly being offered around. See tweet below.

Meanwhile, the Evergreen Premier League, Washington’s largest concentration of 4th Division USA men’s teams with 8 clubs, revealed recently on their Twitter page that the NPSL and PDL had contacted some of their clubs:

eplwa-600-cropOur connections with the EPLWA have shared with us that indeed at least two of the leagues clubs have been contacted in regards to joining the NPSL, while one also says that the PDL asked them about buying the ‘rights’ to the Timbers U23’s.

One EPLWA source (a club owner) says the NPSL offered entry to his team for a $1 “fee,” waving the $12,500 expansion fee, but sticking with that league’s yearly $5,250 fee. (The EPLWA yearly fee is $1,250.)

NPSL Official Logo 2016The owner was initially quite interested in staying in the EPLWA and then also joining the NPSL for 2017. However – that changed after the NPSL pushed for a complete yearly league fee payment due in full by February.

The EPLWA and NPSL are apparently not done criss-crossing for 2017, though. A second Evergreen Premier League side is still talking with the NPSL and looks to be close to committing to BOTH leagues for 2017.

Stay tuned.


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