Update: WA Crossfire PDL headed to Richmond, BC’s TSS Academy?

PDL Primary ShieldREDMOND, WA—goalWA.net reported back on December 14 that Washington Crossfire’s former PDL manager Gary Whitehouse says the club has been sold to a Vancouver BC group and likely will be leaving the state.

The post was shared on the SouthSiders forum (Whitecaps Supporters) and from some of the responses we got tips about what might be next.

One poster wrote: TSS, a Vancouver soccer school was apparently attempting to Aquire a PDL license.

Another posted: Would the CSA need to approve them operating in Canada? And with their continued desire to get the CPL up and running, would they approve a new PDL team in the Vancouver area? I realize the CPL and PDL aren’t competing leagues but they would be competing for the same customers (those who enjoy some lower division soccer) and I’d imagine they wouldn’t necessarily want a new team in a market they want to try to put a CPL team in to.

Which was replied with: My limited understanding is that the BCSA, CSA, and the Whitecaps (as USL territory rights-holders) would all need to approve such a team.

There was also a suggestion that the club is looking at Swangard Stadium (Burnaby) as a home ground. The Whitecaps played there in their USL days.

TSS Facebook photos.


sent an email to Colin Elmes, co-owner of Richmond BC’s TSS Soccer Centre.


Just following up on a lead. Are TSS planning on fielding a team in the USL Premier Development League?

Elmes’ reply wasn’t exactly a “no,” or a “yes.” Or was it?

Thanks for your email. 
We have nothing to report on this at this time.



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