The Save


It is already the stuff of legend.

Stefan Frei lunging at the last possible moment to his left and just tipping a looping header by Jozy Altidore out of the Seattle goal. In overtime. Of the MLS Cup. In a 0-0 battle.

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Take a piece of history with you, Stefan. You deserve it!

Clearly MLS Cup MVP!

Deep in extra time, Altidore leapt high to loft a header toward the far post. Frei adjusted his body for one dramatic lunge, just slapping the ball toward Roman Torres for a clearance.

“(Altidore) does the right thing because he goes against the way that I’m coming from, and that point you just move your feet as quick as you can see what’s possible,” Frei said.

Altidore thought it was in.

“I thought so,” he said. “It was a tough ball to begin with. … It was a hell of a save. At the end of the day you’ve got to pull off something special.”

How many Frei save “memes” will the internet see? Here’s an early good one!

The Buzz

‘a thing of legend’


‘watch it again’

‘save for the ages’


‘mls cup mvp’

‘header had eyes’

‘saving grace’




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