Wenatchee FC Men’s EPLWA team folds, leaving hole in center of Washington adult soccer scene

WFC_gradient_logo_pngWENATCHEE, WA— Wenatchee FC co-founder and co-owner Javier Reyna called it one of the “Most emotional, worst days of my life.” On Friday he made it official when he notified the Evergreen Premier League that his 3-year old club was folding. Wenatchee FC is out of the EPLWA, and for now at least, out of the soccer business.

Reyna spoke over the phone about his struggles in getting help with the everyday operations of his club. He says he had sponsors, that all the bills are paid, but that his family simply couldn’t continue “doing it all ourselves.”

The loss of Wenatchee FC means a hole in the middle of the state when it comes to elite men’s amateur statewide play. Yakima United remains alive and active in the EPLWA 108 miles to the south.

Wenatchee FC gets ready for kick off at the Apple Bowl last season.

Wenatchee FC historical links:

At first, “Wenatchee United”

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Galvan leads EPLWA in goals scored

Joining with Wenatchee FC Youth

A return to the Apple Bowl

“We were doing everything, from setting up to running everything behind the scenes,” Reyna said. “I just couldn’t ask my family to do it anymore.”

Further adding aggrevation to Reyna’s running of the men’s team, he tells goalWA.net that he thought he had found an answer to getting community help when he merged the name and crest with what is now called Wenatchee FC Youth (formerly Wenatchee Fire Youth, and other assorted clubs.) Instead, Reyna says he got little help from the youth club and no reimbursement for use of the dazzling WFC crest.

Wenatchee FC in this year’s Apple Blossom Grand Parade.

There are perhaps misunderstandings and a lack of clarity between the former WFC Men and the still-operating WFC Youth as to what each expected from the other. WFC Youth President Matt Wisen says his club is tied into the name and logo for at least another year because they have already spent thousands of dollars on new uniforms.

The Evergreen Premier League is expected to respond to these developments soon. The league’s Annual General Meeting was held on Friday in Yakima and the death of Wenatchee FC was front and center in conversations.

Eleazar Galvan (Chelan) led the EPLWA in goals in 2015.




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  1. As an EPLWA supporter and the very first General Manager of Wenatchee FC (Wenatchee United FC back then) when it was founded, and also as a parent of a Wenatchee FC Youth soccer player, I feel it important to correct an egregious misconception in the above article that the blame for Javier Reyna’s decision to fold the men’s team somehow lays at the feet of WFC Youth.

    From the start, Javier was given sound professional business advice that the only way to ensure the long-term success of the men’s team in a small community like Wenatchee was if the WFC founders continually encouraged and promoted the idea for all our fragmented youth soccer clubs to merge into a single strong entity that could feed players into the men’s (and potentially women’s) teams, and where a single “club culture” could be developed within our town. Javier refused to act on that advice, resulting in a significant segment of the Wenatchee population not feeling they have any “connection” with WFC and therefore, not surprisingly, a lack of interest in supporting the men’s team.

    Furthermore, to raise the issue of “reimbursement” for the use of the “dazzling” (really, David Falk?) WFC crest completely and utterly ignores the fact that tens of thousands of dollars has been spent by dozens of youth teams that have been marketing the brand throughout all corners of this great state (as well as others). What about the tremendous value of all that free marketing?

    It is truly sad that WFC Men has folded. But WFC Youth is as vibrant as ever, and I for one hope that another local men’s team can be organized soon. However, the core success requirements will still be the same — a semi-pro team will only be sustainable when all our youth clubs combine together, so that all our financial and people resources can be working as one towards the same goal.

    Ed Wierzbicki
    Wenatchee Soccer Fan


    1. Very well said and right on point.

      Until our players become a higher priority, evidenced by youth clubs uniting, than pride and ego, soccer will continue to languish in this valley. With the exponential growth of the sport coupled with amazing talent, this is truly sad.


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