NPSL: A league history in the Northwest

NPSL Official Logo 2016The National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) has been around since 2003. The league has been under the radar in Washington while it flourishes in the midwest, especially in Michigan. Last year 85 clubs played in the NPSL, including 19 new / expansion sides.

It seems an announcement in regards to the Kitsap Pumas joining the NPSL is coming soon, so this is a good time to look back at the history of the league in our area.

Gorge FC (Blue, White) hosted Portland Spartans in this 2014 NPSL match in Hood River, OR.

2004 – The Idaho Wolves became the first club in the Northwest in the NPSL. They played one season in Idaho Falls and then folded.

2009 – The Southern Oregon Fuego joined the NPSL out of Medford in 2009. The Fuego played in the league in 2009 and 2010 before leaving for regional adult play.

2014 – Four clubs from the region jumped into the NPSL in 2014. Gorge FC (also called SO Samba FC, out of Hood River, OR), Portland Spartans, Inter United FC (Tukwila) and Seattle Sporting FC. Of these clubs only Portland Spartans remain in the NPSL. Inter United FC (Tukwila) still play in local leagues.

2015 – OSA FC joined the NPSL under the name FC Tacoma 253. They still operate today, playing in Kent as OSA FC.

The NPSL Northwest Conference currently has two clubs: OSA FC (Seattle) and Portland Spartans.

Willie Spurr (Evergreen State, at center) suited up for Inter United FC as they visited Sporting Seattle FC in NPSL action in 2014 at Pop Keeney Stadium in Bothell.

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