Everett United keeps preparing to join statewide competition


EVERETT, WA— Everett United wants in the game at the statewide level and they continue to play and prepare to get there. The last time we checked in with the Snohomish County club they were refreshingly honest about their desire to join the Evergreen Premier League as soon as possible. Now the club reveals they have applied to join the Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) as well.

Everett United hosted Bellingham United’s Reserves in a friendly this season at Everett Memorial Stadium. (Wilson Tsoi)

Over the spring and summer Everett played several Evergreen Premier League teams in friendlies. Everett lost 7-1 at Wenatchee FC, 7-2 at Bellingham United, and then hosted the Bellingham United Reserves at Everett Memorial Stadium in a 4-0 defeat . The results were lopsided, but owner Jesus Machuca says it is all part of a larger learning experience. “We learned a lot from each game, even though the scores were not in our favor, they do not reflect the hard work and dedication from each player on our team. We learned that we need a different perspective on how to plan our games. We will need more coaching staff to help our team improve and for our players to have the extra time to work on developing their skills and help our team work together. We played some great games and fought in every moment of the games. All the games we played helped our team learn where we are with our work and will help the team make the right changes to always be at the level of play and organization that the EPLWA requires of the clubs that compete in the league. We are going to move our team toward a successful path. We have hired a new Head coach and are planing to hire two new coaches to help our players get the training and dedication they deserve and to have a better system of play to keep up to the level of competition of the other teams in the EPLWA.”


Everett announced this week that Aaron Burns is there new Head Coach. Burns has a long history in the local game, having played in the PDL, PASL (indoors) and EPLWA. He’s also a local guy who went to Snohomish High School and played for Everett Community College.

Burns will lead a group of players and a club that is pushing for challenges. “We have 25 players on our roster from the ages 17 to 24 that come from Burlington to Seattle. The players that we have are very involved with the team and want to see our team move forward and keep competing at the next level of play.”

Everett United’s crest explained. Click HERE to enlarge.

Everett United has revealed more about their club crest. “Our club crest was designed by Bradley York. It symbolizes the many things our city is known for—the blue is to represent the Puget sound and Snohomish River. The trident is to represent the power of the mythical god Poseidon—a symbol of strength. Our club crest also has our club motto “Respect All, Fear None.” We will fight in every game and play our game no matter how strong or competitive our opponent is. We will not back down and (will never) give up.”

Machuca’s club recently applied to join the Western Indoor Soccer League. They are awaiting news on that, knowing that Snohomish County already has two indoor clubs – Sporting Everett and the Snohomish Skyhawks.

Aaron Burns in an EU kit. He’s now the club’s new Head Coach. (Wilson Tsoi)

“Our organization is dedicated to helping our community and players that can’t afford to pay the cost of a select or premier club,” Jesus says. “We have a good club organization and many club volunteers that want to see our club in the highest stage of competition and help the club in the different areas where we need the assistance. We have brought on a new coach to help the club move forward with achieving the different goals we set to compete in a pro league. Our coach Aaron Burns has been a semi pro player and select club coach. We plan on expanding our club in coaching staff and club staff and volunteers if we get accepted into the EPLWA to help us overcome any challenges that may be presented during the league season.”

The friendlies against EPLWA clubs have been happening since that league was formed back in 2014. Vancouver Victory played their first-ever pre-season match against Everett that year. This year the Victory won the Evergreen Premier League. “We are always staying up to date with the semi pro clubs around the area,” Mahuca says. “We want our team to always be on the top spots of the league and of all the competition we register our club in. One of the biggest challenges we have to face is being accepted into the EPLWA. We have a good coaching staff and many volunteers anxious to see our club compete in a professional game setting.  . We have a great venue (Everett Memorial Stadium) to host our games and club spectators and sponsors that are ready to see us compete in the EPLWA.”

Everett hopes to be battling with the Hammers of BUFC in league play soon. (Wilson Tsoi)

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